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Innovative concepts based on own patents in combination with new functionality and extraordinary design characterize the standard and the uniqueness of all products offered by Luxesse design. 
Luxesse® (franz.) – a play on the Latin words "lux" (light) and "esse" (to be) – originated as a description for a new kind of lighting concept, which was presented as a concept study within the framework of [D³] Design Talents at IMM Cologne. Today, it combines all own product developments as a brand.
Showcases of this are also  O n e W o r l d  and  M a g a z i n e r:
O n e W o r l d  was designed as a representative room design object and can be found in foyers of notable addresses. The noble acrylic glass column containing a constantly rotating globe has an integrated drive, which – construction-related – is of unequalled efficiency. This enables companies to make their global commitment visible both clearly and informatively.

Der.M a g a z i n e r.unites the worlds of light, reading and life with a functionally-oriented approach. On the surface of the rotatable cone, it literally puts magazines in their true light. A central role is played by the ball bearing in its combination as an eye-catcher, functional element and symbol of technical genius.
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