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What are the advantages of safety glass (toughened safety glass or laminated safety glass) ?

Toughened safety glass (TSG) is hardened thermally. This makes it much more stable than single-sheet glass especially against impacts and bending. Furthermore, it is less sensitive if, for example, hot utensils are put down on a glass-plated table. In the event of fracturing, toughened safety glass does not shatter to pieces meaning the risk of injury is minimised. After cutting to size, the side edge is rounded off, sanded and polished.
Toughened glass 

Laminated safety glass (LSG) comprises two sheets of glass and these are visible on the side when looking closely. They are joined to each other by a highly elastic and transparent sheeting over the entire surface. Laminated safety glass is used for car windscreens and binds the splinters in the event of an accident.
Another advantage of toughened safety glass is its residual strength. Even in the event of damage, it still has a certain amount of strength. Toughened safety glass is also an option particularly in the catering industry.
Laminated glass 


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